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One thing that is common to all irrespective of race, religion, tribe or belief is death. It sweep across all race of the world.

The concept of death, life and longevity is a subject of concern because it happens to all. Man has always been looking for a way out of death looking for a formula for longevity to avoid death. Many have even sought for ways to secure long life and failed.
It’s also a great concern for the church, looking for a way out of death is an issue that has been in the heart of many. Believers have been seeking for a way out to avoid death especially untimely death.

The questions are;
Is there a Biblical key that guarantees longevity?

Is there a kingdom assurance that one will live long on earth before death?

God’s desire and plans for believers is for us to live a fullest life, He promised to satisfy believers long life. How can we then claim this? 

Listen to Apostle Joshua Selman as he shares powerful Biblical Keys that guarantees longevity. Use the download button below to download. 

Title: Biblical Keys to Longevity 
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 15Mb
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