[Apply Now] Access Bank Pan-African Digital Training Program for Young Africans

Access Bank is partnering with Udacity to pioneer a fully digital program that aims at sourcing for exceptional youths across Africa. The objective is to find young people who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity in order hone their skills in digital paths and achieve mastery and at the same time have the opportunity to learn and earn for free. Participants will be part of a tech-focused community and will build their network with other young inspiring youths across Africa with the same goal.

About the Program

The entire program is designed for youths to learn and carry out innovative projects that brings solution to real-world problems that will enable them to level up their skills, earn badges/nanodegrees and be ready for the future of work!
The bank is on a mission to harness and build the next generation of doers who will challenge the status quo through their curiosity, tenacity and ever budding imagination. Participants will learn from experts and gain real-world experiences and skills on different IT/Digital courses in order to build a progressive career in the banking.

The entire program requires about 10-12 months’ minimum completion time. Applicants must be willing to commit two months to complete the challenge course and another two months for the initial training phase. Only successful candidates at the first training phase will get a spot on the second training phase.

Scholarship provider: Access Bank
Category: Training
Eligible Country: Africans
Application Closing Date: Not Stated

Eligibility  Criteria

  • STEM graduate or demonstrated evidence of strong interest in pursuing IT and Digital career (supporting documents must be submitted during application)
  • Consistent access to a laptop
  • Consistent access to strong data network and power supply
  • Commitment to the time required for the program
  • Must give pre-consent during application for Udacity to share data with the bank
  • Applicants must be between 20 – 30 years

Available Tracks

  1. Cloud Computing
    Cloud development is the foundation for the new world of software development. Learn how to build and deploy production-ready full stack apps
  2. App Development
    Learn how to build high quality and dynamic applications
  3. Web Development
    Learn how to build high quality websites and create stunning user experiences for the web
  4. Business Analytics
    Get the right foundation needed to achieve any business objective
  5. Data Science
    Learn real-world data science with projects designed by industry experts.
  6. Data Analysis
    Learn how to use Python, SQL, and statistics to uncover insights, communicate critical findings, and create data-driven solutions.
  7. Product Management
    Learn the right product management skills for the transformation of any business.
  8. Digital Marketing
    Get real-world experience to run live campaigns and gain a 360-degree understanding of digital marketing.


  • Fully Remote Learning Experience
  • Participants successful after all assessments and program completion will have an opportunity to be selected for permanent roles
  • Applicants earn a badge after successful completion of the self-predictive journey and participants who complete the courses earn Nanodegrees. (A Nanodegree is a short program averaging 3 months combining instructional teaching and real world projects and immersive content).
  • Yes, the training is virtual although successful participants may be required to have hands-on training with the bank after completion of all courses.

Application Process

Interested applicants are to check the official website for the proper Application procedures. Visit the official announcement page for more details. To start your application, Click the apply now button below.


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