[Apply Now] AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Scholarship Program

The AWS Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Scholarship program, in collaboration with Intel and Udacity, aims to help underserved and underrepresented high school and college students learn foundational ML concepts to prepare them for careers in AI and ML.

The Amazon Web Services Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Scholarship program aims to help students underrepresented and underserved in tech to learn foundational machine learning concepts as they prepare for a career in one of today’s hottest and fastest-growing fields.

Provider: Amazon, Intel and Udacity
Category: Training
Eligible Country: International
Application Closing Date: May 31, 2023.

Phase 1:
Enroll in AWS DeepRacer Student, where students can access 20 hours of AWS AI & ML content at launch, receive 10 hours of model training, and 5 GB of storage per month to participate in the AWS DeepRacer Student League. Be sure to opt into the AI & ML Scholarship to begin the application prerequisites.
Phase 2:
Udacity will then award 2,000 students with a scholarship for the Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree program (1,000 in a summer cohort and 1,000 in a winter cohort.) All 2,000 students will have the opportunity to attend monthly virtual mentoring events with industry experts. This four-month course teaches the foundational skills for obtaining a career in AI & ML, in a collaborative virtual class environment with mentorship from Udacity, Amazon, and Intel advisors.Phase 3:
All graduates from the summer and winter cohorts will be invited to take an assessment. The 500 students with the highest score on the assessment will earn a second Udacity Nanodegree Program Scholarship to help further prepare them for a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally, the top 500 students in the AWS AI & ML Scholarship program will have access to one-to-one mentorship opportunities from tenured machine learning experts from Amazon, Intel and other institutions to provide career advice for 12 months.

Program Eligibility

  • Any student over the age of 16 that self identifies as underserved or underrepresented in technology, and is currently enrolled in high school or college, may apply (subject to terms and conditions on Udacity).
  • Review coursework and pass assessments. To qualify you must score 80% or better on all required assessments on AWS DeepRacer Student learning modules. Each assessment is based on different chapters you can find in the Learn section in the AWS DeepRacer Student navigation pane.
  • Achieve a minimum lap time. Each month from March to September, a new leaderboard is launched in the AWS DeepRacer Student League, featuring a new track design. To qualify for the scholarship, you will need to complete a time trial lap in less than 3 minutes on any single leaderboard.
  • Students that successfully complete prerequisites within AWS DeepRacer Student and submit their application on the Udacity website by the submission deadline are considered for the scholarship. Udacity will use a combination of application data, including but not limited to prerequisite knowledge assessments, to determine 2,000 scholarship applicants annually.

Program Benefits

  • Applicants can access 20 hours of AWS AI & ML content, receive 10 hours of model training, and 5 GB of storage per month to participate in the AWS DeepRacer Student League (a global autonomous racing competition exclusively for students).
  • Access to mentorship from AWS and Intel ML experts

How to Apply AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Scholarship Program

  • Sign up for AWS DeepRacer Student and opt into the AWS AI & ML Scholarship program. There is currently over 20 hours of free content available to start learning today.
  • Track your progress for the AWS AI & ML Scholarship program requirements while you learn, practice, and participate on AWS DeepRacer Student.
  • Submit your application on Udacity using a unique code you’ll get once you complete the prerequisites.
  • For more information, visit the official announcement page. Click the apply now button below to apply.

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