By Apostle Ezekiel Adenipekun

Based on God’s supremacy, God is always careful in all His doings and dealings which makes Him strategic by default and also a perfectionist. This is why when God does anything that we don’t understand as humans, God’s can NEVER make any mistake. That is why when we look at the birth of Jesus in a manger, access for the wise men (a connotation of access to every man, rich or poor) who gave Jesus the very significant gifts may not have been possible as they may have been debarred by the security outfit of the available inns, was Jesus born there. Same applicable for Moses who was born and kept at a river bank where his archenemy will raise him to be a prince, presented with the opportunity of having the wisdom of Egypt as this wisdom was needed to be a true deliverer of Israel from Egypt.

The strategy of God makes process therefore a necessity and any phenomenon that doesn’t have a concept of process is not of God. God is weary of us getting to the palace and becoming a disgrace to His glory which is why He will mould and remould our character and mentality of palace. It took Moses 40years of process before God could say no one was as meek as Moses.

A man who has therefore passed through God’s process and incorporated fully into God’s strategy is therefore qualified to be a voice and by him only is the DOMINION MANDATE achievable. Without a voice, God’s purpose and agenda cannot be actualized. David was a man who institutionalized kingship in Israel and was a model for true worship but had to tend to sheep in the wilderness first. God made Moses, Jeremiah, David etc voices in their generation.

Being a voice includes the following:
1.) To be a territorial authority
2.) To be a representation of the divine agenda
3.) To enforce the kingdom and its virtue
4.) Men are forced to reckon with you
5.) To be the source of blessing in a place even when they deem you an extremist in the things of God
6.) An express interpretation of God’s dimension or ability

The qualifications of being a voice are therefore as follows:
1.) Met with the LORD and obtained covenant via daily seeking of the Lord and groanings (Job14:14, Gen 22:12)
2.) You must be a custodian of a dimension of God who manifests God because only those who manifest can be a voice!(Isaiah 8:18)

God needs a voice for this end time church to survive, people to hold nations to ransom, revivalist who will reveal the light of God.

Prayer Point: Father, make me a voice for my generation, in Jesus’ name!

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