Fear is one of the greatest enemy of man.Fear is an enemy which has stopped men from actualizing their visions or attaining their goals.
Stop that fear before it stops you!

It takes courage and determination to succeed in life and to even take a step.
A wise man once said ‘The height that great men kept and obtained were not by sudden flight but they while their companions slept continued to toil up’. This won’t be possible with fear.

There is nothing that will happen to anyone now that is new to man; stop been afraid, there is always a way out of any situation been it past, present or future.

The fear of the unknown and fear of the future also called anxiety has led many to their early grave.

Yes, learn to turn your fear to faith before what you fear most befall you like Uncle Job.
The Holy Bible has told us to be anxious for nothing because God has not given us the spirit of anxiety or fear.

Hear This!
A man is a product of his fear or faith; and this is how it works:
What you fearmost becomes your meditation and your meditation becomes your attraction.

Turn your fear to faith, get hold of scriptures in the areas of your fear. Keep them to heart, for faith cometh by hearing and hearing alone the word of God.

You can overcome that fear.
You are a victor and not a victim.

The evangelistic writer

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