One thing about writing is consistency like the more you write, the more you get good at it. But consistency does not come with procastination but with determination.
Procastination has been and is still a killer in all field of endeavors including writing. Just like a rat, it bites and breeze you slowly and one will still feel the comfort of ‘There is time’.

Procastination is a thief of time, we say; But that is an understatement because whatever steals your time, steals your destiny.

What really is procastination?
Procastination is the act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially habitually or intentionally.

You know what procastination does? it makes us to delay some important actions we are meant to take till a later date. That is why Lord Acton said, ”A wise man does at once what fool does at last”.

Successful people don’t procastinate. If we must fulfill our dreamed destiny, we must erase the word ‘procastination’ completely out of our dictionary.
Procastination is a destiny destroyer and a powerful tool in the hand of the enemy of our soul; what it does in the spiritual realm is more dangerous than what it does in the physical realm -Emmanuel Olatunji

That moment when you need to fast, pray or study, and procastination will be like just wait till tommorrow; you are tired now and needs to rest etc.

Giving in to such voice will gradually drain one spiritually. Whatever you have to do, do it now.

The best time to start that business is now.
There are atleast 10 people that have thesame business idea with you and wish to start in the place you have in mind; what makes the difference is your ability to take action now and that give you an edge and when they eventually get started. but a number of them will be scared away.

Likewise in writing; Procastination will give you 100 reasons why you must wait for a better time to write your article or to start writing that book. And such time may never come. There is no convenient time to write, we must train ourselves to write at any given opportunity.

Personally, writing everyday is intentional but there is really no time for that because one’s schedule is getting more tight by the day.
But one thing I do; when I get my topic, I start brain storming to draw from the well of my reserved knowledge as regards the topic and if there is need, I do a few research as I go about my daily duties.

So many times, I take my topic to bed in the night and wake up filled with insights. Then I write at any slight opportunity. With that, I have been able to KISS PROCASTINATION in writing GOODBYE!

By Joseph Awanle
The evangelistic writer

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