By Apostle Ezekiel Adenipekun

Anchor Scripture: 2Timothy 2:1-26

Whilst salvation, holiness and sanctification are pronounced teachings in the body of CHRIST, purity seems to be silenced in spite of the fact that right after salvation, purity should be the next course of examination.

Key notes worth considering are on this subject matter are:
• Salvation is SAVING the soul or the redemption of the soul from the perils of destruction
• Sanctification is cleaning the body
• PURIFICATION is CLEANING THE SOUL or preventing the saved soul from returning to the perilous state

Purification is important for the following reasons
1.) It is the FIRST requirement to be able to stand before God because a contaminated heart, God can’t behold. (Psalm 24:3, Matthew 5:8)
2.) Blessings come to you without stress (Psalm24:4)
3.) You become honourable and relevant (2Tim2:20-22)
4.) It perfects your Holiness (2Corinthians7:1)
5.) It guarantees answers to prayers(Psalm 51:7)
6.) It guarantees us of power (Isaiah 6:6-8)
7.) It gives you true joy and gladness (Psalm 50)

If PURIFICATION is this of extreme importance, then here is how to stay pure:
1.) Fasting
2.) Protect the 5 senses: Guide your eyes from what you see, guide your ears from what you hear, guide your nose from what you smell, guide your mouth from what you taste, say and eat and guide your hands from what you feel and touch
3.) Continual study of the word (1Corinthians 6:11, Psalm 199:11, Eph 5:26)
4.) Praying in the Holy Ghost (Jude20)
5.) Engage the blood of Jesus everyday

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