By Apostle Ezekiel Adenipekun
Anchor Scripture: Matthew 13:1

The kingdom is about power and influence which can come through riches. God’s kingdom is never associated with poverty. This was obvious from Jesus’ ministry when he will preach from a SHIP (wealth) while the multitude stood up (influence) to listen to Him. Result is the only way by which doubt can be cleared. The first encounter of the sower is that his seed fell to the way side which depicts people who have purported that their situation is completely hopeless irrespective of the seed of the preacher. The second encounter of the sower is the stony place which talks about those who have hope and they even make recommendations of the sower but the word gets withered because the word did not totally penetrate. The third land where the seed of the sower fell was among the thorns who are men of hope and expectations, deep in the word but not too rooted. They are people who are still alive to the flesh and are choked by the pressures of life. The fourth category is the good ground wherein the word falls, becomes rooted, is established and produces results.

Result is a proof of God’s faithfulness because lack of results through what we preach makes us hypocrites. It is important for us to be dead to our flesh so that God can be lifted in our lives as an epitome of results. God cannot manifest through a person who has the seed of both good and evil fighting in his member because God want just the good part.

Producing results is not just limited to carrying the anointing but to authority. Results are not just produced by applying the principles but by observing the procedures. Every life that must produce result cannot dwell alone meaning that our lives must contain both the WORD and the SPIRIT, as the word without the SPIRIT will not produce results. The word must be received in RHEMA and the LOGOS with the power of the SPIRIT before your life can produce results. It must therefore be understood that the word can be available with the SPIRIT within but with a prayer life that is travailing in nature, results are inevitable!

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