Theologians has it that the gap between Malachi and Matthew took approximately 400years called the dark age.
The dark age is a period of time in the bible wherein there was no prophet, no prophecy nor thus saith the Lord. And God was simply silent.

It can be said that some people lived their lives as it seems right to them, whereby going astray believing there was no God in the first place.
However, a number of people still lived righteously and in accordance to the will of God in this Era. How is that possible? one may asked.

But there are times when God wants us to apply wisdom in certain situations without a specific sign from Him. Now, you will agree with me that wisdom is simply the application of Knowledge.

But knowledge comes from learning which can be previous or instantaneous. So, this righteous few lived their lives based on their previous knowledge about God and the lay down laws.

The dark age or period represents so many things in our lives today which differs on individuals.
The dark age experience is an inevitable experience in the journey of success which we may also refer to as the wilderness experience.
And by the time God speaks up again, it marks an end of that experience.

But what should we do when God seems silent?

1. BELIEVE HIS WORD: God always speak before and after this experience and His word is ye and amen. That reminds me of the scripture that goes ‘Once has He spoken….. Take Abraham and the birth of Jesus as a case study.

2. CHECK YOUR INNER PEACE: There is a Spirit in man, for man is an eternal spirit. This comes from God and your inner peace is the peace that comes from the spirit. So, your peace level will determine if you are on track or not.

3. APPLY THE WORD: It is one thing to believe but it takes another to apply the word. Keep doing His biddings you were doing when His first word came and wait patiently for further information and direction.

It is true that you may be having this experience right now, but lemme remind you that the darkest part of the night is when its about dawn.
I’m using this medium to prophesy into the life of someone here, whatever dark situation you are passing through now, the light of God is coming your way because your morning has come in the name of Jesus!
Let somebody shout Ameeen!

©Evang Joseph Awanle

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