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[Download Mp3] DEVELOPING A SAVINGS CULTURE PART 1-4 – Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

  1. There is need for balance in the body of Christ. The same way we need to see for insight, growth and increase spiritually is the same way we need to do that for other aspects of our lives, not excluding our finance as well.

One of the ways to cater for our finance is by saving.
Savings helps to position yourself before the day or turbulent. Saving helps to overcome time of crisis.

In this sermon, you will learn scriptural insight on savings, economical insight on how to save, how to save, when to save and so on.

Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

PART 1 [13MB]
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Part 2 [12MB]
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Part 3 [12MB]
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Part 4 [12MB]

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