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For God’s purposes not to be hindered in our lives as believers, there’s need for holiness, which is made possible through a lifestyle of separation unto God.
Consecration means the solemn devotement and deeding over to God ourselves and all that pertains to us—all we know and all we don’t know—for time and eternity.

Consecration is not sanctification; but it is the human side of sanctification. As the promise of sanctification is never given to sinners, so  the call to consecration is never given to sinners.
In other words, a person just consecrate himself unconditionally to the Lord for the specific purpose of letting the Lord completely purify and sanctify the soul; and not only so, that when such consecration is made, and all is upon the altar, there still remains one more step to be taken, to wit, the step of faith.
Real consecration includes all we have, and all we ever will have; all we are, and all we ever will be; all we know, and all we ever will know, for time and eternity; and is a pledge of an eternal “yes” to all the will of God. It is not sufficient for a person to say, “I have given up all I know.” Included must be all we do not know; all He may reveal in the future. Such a person can never re-consecrate.

– Apostle Michael Orokpo
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