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[Download Mp3] Good Success  – Apostle Joshua Selman (Koinonia 2023)

Download Good Success by Apostle Joshua Selman (Koinonia 2023)

The Destiny of every believer in Christ Jesus is a successful life – a life that captures the Glory of God in all aspects.
Your life is glorious and successful to the degree to which it captures the different dimensions of God – His Glory, His Power and His Character.
It is not within the will of God for the believer to live a life of perpetual shame and reproach.

In God’s design, your excelling should be progressive. The current version of you should exceed your previous version.
When believers succeed, it brings Glory to God.
It is important to understand that Kingdom success does not connote a godless and mundane pursuit of material things that alienates Jesus and His Word. Instead, it is a sincere desire to tap into the blessings of God, to excel in God’s way and become a channel of blessings to lives.
Kingdom success is a channel of propagating the Gospel of Christ.
Your current situation does not define your destiny. It is okay to start small but with time and a consistent walk with God, God expects us to replicate valuable Kingdom results.
Bad success is any kind of result that makes you give up your love for God in pursuit of it. It is any kind of success that is not fueled by a genuine desire to be a blessing to men.
Bad success comes in exchange for your soul. It leads to a decline in your spiritual life.

Two Indices to Measure Bad Success :
1. It demands the decline or complete death of your spiritual fervency in Christ.
2. It requires that you to inflict pain and hurt on others
For you to experience the Glory of God in your life, there are patterns you must keep (Lev 9:6).
The manifestation of the Glory of God is an attestation to the fact that His pattern has been followed. When you compromise there is no guarantee that God’s Glory will be made manifest.
Two Keys That Make For The Good Success Of The Believer:
1) The “God-First” Principle (Gen 1:1).
The position you place God in your life matters. To experience Good success, God must be at the epicenter of your life.
2) The Law of Mental Transformation (2 Cor 10:5)
Your mind is gift from God that is connected to your success in life and destiny.

Title: Good Success 
– Apostle Joshua Selman
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