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Download Message: MINDSET – Looking Through The Darkened Glass | Dr. Mensa Otabil

Mindset is the way our mind is set, it is the way our mind is configured which determines the way we see things and understand Realities around us.
Our mind plays a crucial role in our everyday activities and how we reacts, relates and responds to the happenings around us.
The kind of glass you look through determines your perception, the color of the glass you look through conditions your perception about the world around you.
The Darkened glass is like the way our mind as been fixed and we can only see based on the color or the state of the glass
This is a powerful message that teaches on how to get the right perspective of things around us and how we can get rid of mindsets that gives us a wrong perception of things.

Title: MINDSET – Looking Through Darkened The Glass
– Dr. Mensa Otabil
Size: 10Mb

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