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One of the major things to know in life as young people is that, things that you do at this stage will impact your life forever. Likewise, there is nothing that will impact your life as who you marry. Aging is growing old but maturity is growing up. You can be young for a season but you can be immature forever. Hence, growing and maturing matters a lot.

Few things young people should know about marriage.
When Should I get Into A Relationship? 
Answer: When you are Ready.
Not when you are lonely, not when your friends are in a relationship. If you enter a relationship with the wrong reason, you are most likely to enter with the wrong person. And the experience you have in such relationship will affect who you are as it make impression in your heart and your view of relationship.
Who Should I Be In A Relationship With?
Answer: Who fit me.
Not who is available, not who is disturbing you, it is not everybody or anybody you can get along with. So, you need to check spiritual, character, your destination in life, someone who value what you value and the likes.
When Should I start Learning About Relationship?
Answer: Now
As young adult, relationship and marriage issue are of the things you should start learning earlier in life, because its going to affect your happiness later in life. So, start investing on knowing about relationship as from now.

Title: 7 Things Young Adults Must Know
– Kingsley Okonkwo
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