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[Download Mp3] A CALL TO REPENTANCE – Apostle Joshua Selman (SOUND OF REVIVAL – Koinonia UK)

Download A CALL TO REPENTANCE (SOUND OF REVIVAL) - Apostle Joshua Selman

Every time God desires to manifests in a territory, He does so through His prophet, to call people to order, genuine brokenness, and repentance.

Revival is more than a concept; it is a personal encounter with Jesus. You cannot have eternal life outside of Jesus. It takes genuine brokenness before God, to access eternal life.
What is Revival?
Revival is a reawakening to true spirituality, righteousness and a state of submission to the governing authority of The Lord, Jesus Christ.
Vital Signs of Spiritual Retrogression
1. Significant deviation in your love for God and passion for the things of God.
2. Self-centred living as against Christ – centered living.
3. Consistent compromise of your values and godly standards
4. A decline in spiritual conviction; a budding disbelief in God and nonchalance towards the things of God.
5. A decline in your passion for the house of God.
Three Levels of Genuine Revival:
1. Personal revival: This is the reawakening and restoration of spiritual fire and God-consciousness in the life of an individual.
2. Revival within the body of Christ (The Church). Ephesians 5:14, Ezekiel 37:10
3. Territorial Revival / Societal Transformation. Jonah 3:1-10

– Apostle Joshua Selman

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