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[Download Mp3] Abba Father – Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Abba Father by Apostle Joshua Selman

God is a multi dimension being who exist in different form. He is the creator, the provider etc. An important dimension of him which many believers do not know is the Fatherhood of God known as ‘Abba Father’.

To be called a father means to be the source, the sustainer, the protector and the provider. God in various ways has demonstrated these in different ways as recorded in the scripture.

The concept of fatherhood is not the concept left to men alone (male gender), it is a concept every responsible leader must understand.

In this powerful message, Apostle Joshua Selman teaches on the concepts of fatherhood of God and how believers can learn from them.

Title: Abba Father (RCCG Jesus House || Washington DC-USA) 
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 30MB

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