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[Download Mp3] Alignment with Adonai – Apostle Arome Osayi

There were unique ways in which God educated the people that were supposed to be his spokesman in every generation. Prophet Samuel for instance, the Bible says that God revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the proceeding word of God.
That means God introduced himself to Samuel by what he was saying in the present-the present Revelation position of the spirit.

Nowadays, the life of the average Christian does not portrait the depth in God that you’ll be expecting to see on the strength of the investment. The reason is because we are saying what God is not saying what we are emphasizing is not consistent with what God is calling Our Generation to accomplish.

In Isaiah chapter one, the vision of Isaiah, an analysis of this verse first of all shows the political framework that covers the season of Isaiah’s prophetic Ministry. And Bible History make us understand that apart from David and Solomon the names of the Kings mentioned here are the kings that were greatest in Israel. There’s something unique about the name of the Kings mentioned in this list and it is that it was during their reign that Israel prospered the most Because Of Inventions, discoveries and ingenuity, so there was prosperity even in their locality.

All kinds of businesses were flourishing, all kinds of things where there were they were booming but what the prophet was trying to bring to the notice of these great things was that they have this Prosperity was secured at the expense of the intrinsic aspects of the Covenant that they had with God, there was Prosperity but it was at the expense of those fundamental issues what he was trying to make them understand is that it was their previous alignment in uprightness with God that even gave birth to this season in the first place but unfortunately the blessings that are the result of alignment with God is going to cost them their relationship with God so when we talk about the reign of righteousness, then we should understand the implication.

In Nigeria, we just entered into another season in our journey as a nation and the king of Heaven calls it the season of the reign of righteousness, just in case you are a child of God and your life is built on the platform of compromise it will be a good time for you to make your move.
If we allow the reign of righteousness to adequately sit in our lives then our capacity will increase because promotion in the kingdom of God is actually more responsibility.


Title: Alignment with Adonai
– Apostle Arome Osayi
Size: 41MB
Duration: 2:58:20

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