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[Download Mp3] Altars And Patterns – Archbishop Duncan Williams

Sunday Rebroadcast

Altars are places of encounters between spiritual beings and human beings, it is an expressway between the physical realm and the spiritual realms. There is the altar of God and there are altars raise for evil deeds. Satanic altars exist for the sole purpose of invoking demons to do evil things, steal, kill, and destroy people’s lives and destinies.
Patterns are cycles of reoccurrences that keep showing up in a generation, family, nation or man’s life, it is a tailored way of happenings that may even predate the born of a man, it is a stereotype kind of life that keep occurring in the same direction. For instance, a family can either make or mar you. A lot of subjectivity¬† has happened based on how a child was raised because many of our families are not well structured. A family is a nation, when the handler did not¬† understand it, it will bring damage to the child.

Download and Listen to many life transforming words on how to liberate yourself from wrong family perspective and how to raise your children well with a well structured foundational values.

Title: Altars And Patterns
– Archbishop Duncan Williams
Size: 26MB
Duration: 1:26:48

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