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[Download Mp3] Birthing Of The New – Apostle Michael Orokpo

Part 1 - 2

Birthing of the new has to do with the depth of God that you can explore per time. Entering into the new means access to new secret things in God.
There are so many things that are hidden and are not just revealed to ordinary men but they are only revealed to men who stayed in cover and who are ready to explore the new.
When you see men that impact consecutively, there is a place they are standing to get their fragrance, for if you are not exploring depth, then you are not really touching the new but just reshuffling.

There a two major ways of birthing the new:
1. Glory – Anytime we transit to another realm of glory, we have entered into another dimension and our possibilities will be defined based on the level of Glory we command per time. So, when a man touches the glory, he will be metamorphosed into another realm and power.
2. Intimacy– A man who will walk in the new must be a man that has intimacy with God. The dimension in which a man is operating is the dimension of his intimacy and in-depth of God that he carries.

Title: Birthing Of The New
– Apostle Michael Orokpo

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PART 2: Size: 31MB
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