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[Download Mp3] Born To Raze Hell – Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin

You weren’t born to get along with this world or to fit in but rather to pick up your weapon, get in your ranks, follow your Commander In Chief, and to take over this world.
You were born to tear down the Devil’s kingdom. Another way to put it is that you were born to raze hell. Hell is trying to come against us, but we are called to demolish the enemy’s stronghold.
God has called us to speak life to those who are under the oppression of the enemy. It is our responsibility to speak salvation to mankind.
Now is the time for you to turn from your comfort zone, to battle and defeat the spiritual enemy of your life and influence your world for the Kingdom of God.

Title: Born To Raze Hell
– Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin
Size: 14MB
Duration: 1:01:11

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