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[Download Mp3] Building Capacity For Enlargement – Apostle Joshua Selman

Ownership Conference 2022 - South Africa

It is very dangerous to know little.
In an exam, failure means you didn’t pass enough for you to pass. Not that you didn’t do the exam or try but you didn’t pass enough.
Cry for what is available is not good enough. You cry for a greater goal you can see by faith. You cry for what you see, what you can picture. When you see, you will be able to take giant strive based on what you can see, that is the seeing eye and the hearing hear.

The power of God remains dormant until God send his word so, if God has not spoken, the anointing may has no function. The anointing is to make what God said never look like a lie.
Our desire for enlargement is captured within the will of God.
Though thy beginning was small, your later end shall greatly increase. Job 8:7. Take away every fear that religion may bring around your life as to the validity of the promise of God to increase you.
The reason why many people do not experience enlargement is because they do not understand the structure of God’s dealing with man.
Download and listen as Apostle Joshua Selman teaches on how to build capacity for enlargement.

Title: Building Capacity For Enlargement
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 28MB
Duration: 1:41:39

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