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[Download Mp3] Burdens of Revival – Apostle Michael Orokpo

The word revival combines two Latin words, “vivo,” meaning to live, and “re” meaning again. It’s like a rebirth or a re-awakening, an invigorating experience where the Holy Spirit moves freely among believers, setting their hearts on fire for the Lord.

Some describe it as a glimpse of heaven on earth — children of the Lord dancing and singing in perfect freedom, awash in joy with hearts afire for the Risen Christ. Others use the term to describe vastly renewed or increased spiritual interest, with new believers cropping up in droves.

In this end times, God needs individuals who will be burdened for the revival of the church.
All spiritual believers should welcome the burdens from the Lord. The burden
 of the spirit is a burden from God, and its goal is to cause men to work.
Longevity in church does not automatically bring transformation. As a believer, your change is based on your hunger and the quality of spiritual vessels that feed and guide you.

Title: Burdens of Revival
– Apostle Michael Orokpo
Size: 26MB
Duration: 1:45:41

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