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[Download Mp3] Cultivating a Healthy Mind – Pastor Benny Hinn

Salvation does not work as blind faith, salvation works with reasoned faith, which means that God works with our intellect. If we want to live in God’s way, then we have to think in God’s way, hence, there is need for an healthy mind.
Thoughts becomes acts,
acts becomes habits,
habits becomes character,
character becomes destiny
Impure thoughts, anxious thoughts, unbelief thoughts, all these cannot help in having a healthy mind, so there is need  to understand the power of the word of God in helping us to grow righteousness, even in our mind. Going through the word of God again and again and meditation helps greatly to cultivate the right mindset.

Title: Cultivating a Healthy Mind
– Pastor Benny Hinn
Size: 9MB
Duration: 27:27

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