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[Download Mp3] Denying Yourself – Pastor Mensa Otabil

Before you start giving anything to God, in the process of giving your whole life to Him, you need to give first you heart. Then you proceed to give your spirit and your body to God, that’s when anything else you give will be acceptable.
In your work with God, the committement you give God is the commitment you receive. Fellowshipping with God is not something anybody can talk to you about, it’s something you have to experience.

If anyone need to come after the Lord and know Him deeply, self-denial is the first requirement. No one can know God and the things of God until they have denial themselves.
Denial of things that are important to you
Denial of entertainment
Denial of friendship
Denial of ambition
For only He that is dead is free from sin and will properly stay still on the altar of sacrifice.

Title: Denying Yourself
– Pastor Mensa Otabil
Size: 12MB
Duration: 50:45

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