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[Download Mp3] Destroying The Evil Pattern – Apostle Johnson Suleman

A pattern is an order or design or prototype. A pattern is also a customary way of operation or behaviour. It might be defined as something regarded as a normative example or a code of behaviour.

Evil patterns are negative traits or genes passed from the progenitor to his offspring.
As a father/mother, have you discovered the negative traits in your life repeated in your children?

It could be a pattern of broken marriages in which all the ladies that married from that family always divorce their husbands and return to their father’s house.
It could also be a kind of heredity sickness like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure etc.

Most evil patterns established in a family, is as a result of error made by the parents or curses in operation or an evil covenant entered into. If nothing is done, it will continue.

Title: Destroying The Evil Pattern
– Apostle Johnson Suleman
Size: 17MB
Duration: 1:16:04

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