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[Download Mp3] Emotional Diseases (Part1-4) – Dr. Paul Enenche

Man is a tripartite being – The body, the soul and the spirit.
Man is a spirit, the body house the spirit of a man and then man was given a soul which serve as a bridge between the spirit and the body.
The mind as well which is the focus of this message has three department of the mind – will, intellect, emotions.
Many human being are not physically ill, but emotionally unwell.
the aim of the message is to Understand the nature of emotional diseases and Understand the solution to emotional disease.
Emotional Disease include;
1. Fear
2. Low self esteem
3. worry
And others.
Download and be blessed.

Title: Emotional Diseases
– Dr. Paul Enenche

Part 1 [20]
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Part 2 [21]
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Part 3 [12]
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Part 4 [15]
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