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[Download Mp3] Every Tree Is A Forest – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

As the word of God declares that the fruitful field shall become a forest, so are you producing other trees of righteousness.  A tree that is panted in good fertile soil near water will bear more fruit than a tree planted in dry and hard soil. However, the tree which doesn’t get good nutrients will produce fruit, but it wouldn’t be good fruit. The tree which gets all the nutrients it needs will produce good fruits.

The root of a tree is very important. Without a good and healthy root system, the tree will not grow strong, neither will it produce healthy fruit. The root system of a tree is in seed. For those who plant trees with great care, and perhaps for show or competition; the ground preparation is vital.

While the tree is maturing, the farmer will continuously work the soils around the base of the tree with compost and feeding it with regular water – even staking the tree for support against weather. God places us in a church where we can undergo foundation classes or foundation school and also bible studies, which will get us rooted in the Word. Just as the tree, God will place us and surround us with people which can be our stakes. In many cases, these people have the gift of counseling and we can be well discipled under their guidance. With a fresh Word, God allows the soil around our roots to be loosen and aired with new compost; ensuring that we grow in a healthy relationship with His Word that will produce fruits.

Title: Every Tree Is A Forest
– Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Size: 14MB
Duration: 41:09

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