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[Download Mp3] Faith The Master Key – Archbishop Duncan Williams

Faith is so critical in the life of a Christian because it encompasses areas of our lives that we are involved in every day. This is why the Bible says in seven different places that the just shall live by faith.  Therefore: Faith is the Master Key.
Jesus Christ demonstrated faith with his words and actions, and he expected his followers to have faith. He went about demonstrating all things were possible to those who have faith in God. Miracles, signs and wonders confirmed his teaching about faith was from God. Jesus Christ often taught about faith and it was an essential part of all his teachings.
Hence, we all need to know and understand how we can live a life of faith that pleases God by using the principles of faith to change the circumstances of their lives and the lives of others for the better

Title: Faith The Master Key
– Archbishop Duncan Williams
Size: 22MB
Duration: 1:04:41

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