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[Download Mp3] Freedom From Demonic Oppression – Benny Hinn

Demonic oppression is when a demon is temporarily victorious over a Christian, successfully tempting a Christian to sin and hindering his ability to serve God with a strong testimony.
For the Christian, the power for victory over and freedom from demonic oppression is always available.
If a Christian continues to allow demonic oppression in his/her life, the oppression can increase to the point that the demon has a very strong influence over the Christian’s thoughts, behavior, and spirituality. Christians who allow continuing sin open themselves up for greater and greater oppression.
The power of the indwelling Holy Spirit is always available to overcome demonic oppression. No demon, not even Satan himself, can prevent a Christian from surrendering to the Holy Spirit and thereby overcoming any and all demonic oppression.
Being firm or steadfast in the faith means relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to successfully resist demonic influence. Faith is built up through the spiritual disciplines of feeding on the Word of God, persistent prayer, and godly fellowship.

Title: Freedom From Demonic Oppression
– Benny Hinn
Size: 7MB
Duration: 31:14

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