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[Download Mp3] Freedom From Financial Captivity – Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Freedom From Financial Captivity by Apostle Joshua Selman

The blessing of The Lord has all good things including freedom and deliverance from poverty.
You can prosper and serve God with the dignity of Kingdom integrity.
-The word ‘prosper’ in its simplest expression, means to do well and excel.

Five levels of Prosperity:
1. Spiritual prosperity
2. Mental prosperity
3. Bodily prosperity
4. Financial prosperity
5. Relational prosperity

What is Riches?
Riches simply means abundant financial resources.
Riches is abundant resources.
While wealth is abundant resources plus the systems that guarantee replenishment or continuity.
What is Poverty?
Poverty refers to the absence of financial resources, as well as the absence of knowledge and the intelligence that guarantees productivity.
What is Lack?
Lack depicts insufficiency; it is the absence of inadequate resources to meet one’s needs, especially when required.
Factors responsible for poverty present among Believers:
1. Ignorance or incomplete knowledge of God’s financial system.
2. The absence of value that is needed and useful.
-3. Lack of Productivity and Excellence.
Productivity is the ability to translate your value into products and services that are packaged and served with excellence to a targeted customer base.
4. The absence of strategic relationships.
All blessings come from God, through men, to men.
Strategic relationships can help to strengthen your faith in God.

Title: Freedom From Financial Captivity (Koinonia 2023) 
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 46MB

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