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[Download Mp3] GOVERNING OPERATIONS OF PRAYER – Apostle Michael Orokpo

The realm of a child is the realm of the benevolent of God.
The child has no track record in his work with God on earth.
A child knows God as father, and because God is a father, He’s committed to meeting his needs. However, young men must begin to gain age in the spirit, so as to be properly involved in the agenda God has in mind.
The person who is participating in God’s agenda is superior to the one who is just getting his need met
when we get to Zion, we will not be rated based on the finished works of Christ, we will be rated based on our works of faith and the kingdom business we are involved in as we partner with God.
When man was created, he was created as an heir who is met to have all things he would ever need.
But in the spirit realm, there are realms and rank in the way dominion is granted so, there is a level of maturity a man must attain before He is given the ability to manage an estate.
New creation reality comes with authority
A point where God can depend on you:
~horizontal – kingdom operation and it advancement
~Vertical – is about God himself and your stand with Him

– Apostle Michael Orokpo
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