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[Download Mp3] He Restoreth My Soul – Apostle Joshua Selman

Download He Restore My Soul by Apostle Joshua Selman

There are things that God does to a man that while God is doing them to that man, He’s looking beyond the man, He’s looking at those who will benefit from that man.
Most believers do not understand the entire stand of the faith of a believers, so when such believer comes into season that they do not really understand, they become confused, discouraged and sometimes, lose their joy. Meanwhile, even in the season of weariness, the lesson learnt or the failure experienced all have a way to encourage other people.
The core assignment of the devil most times is to do things, reverse circumstance and make one to belief that God is unfaithful.
We are not to pray the day of adversity away, it will surely come, what we are to do is to build a momentum that will help us stand when the day of adversity comes.
“He restoresth my soul”…While intervention deals with present hour circumstances, restoration deals with issues that are in the past. Restoration means to bring back and figuratively means to refresh
How can our souls be restored? rust as the Psalmist finds refreshment, in the guidance and provision of the Lord who is his shepherd, by restoration, the focus is on God’s work in our lives.

Title: He Restoreth My Soul
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 20MB

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