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[Download Mp3] Hearing The Voice of God For Yourself – Benny Hinn

Hearing God’s voice is vital to your walk with Him. Get helpful tips about how to identify distractions and practice hearing God’s voice

Those who hear God’s voice are those who belong to Him—those who have been saved by His grace through faith in the Lord Jesus. These are the sheep who hear and recognize His voice, because they know Him as their Shepherd. If we are to recognize God’s voice, we must belong to Him.
 Lord constantly speaks to us and gives us His direction. It’s never the Lord who is not speaking, but it’s us who are not hearing. To hear God’s voice we must belong to God. Jesus said, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me”.
1. Position yourself close to God
2. Find a place of regular service to God
3. Listen for God’s voice
4. When God calls, respond eagerly

Title: Hearing The Voice of God For Yourself
– Benny Hinn
Size: 10MB
Duration: 29:11

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