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[Download Mp3] Helped By God (Part 1-3) – Apostle Joshua Selman

Obtaining Mercy (Soar Conference - 2022 HOTR Enugu Nigeria)

How do you explain the every systems of advantage does not seems to be there while you are predicting their doom by an agency that you cannot even explain.
There are certain manifestations and certain dimensions of living that it defiles any kinds of explanation you might want to give. Anything plus God will give us an unpredictable result of what GOD ONLY can put there. There is no limit to the possibilities in the life of a believer.

Every airplane starts by walking, then running, then it run at a speed that becomes unfair to keep running, after that speed, it begins to fly and then it soar. When one is helped by God, you don’t fly, you Soar. Flying still requires your effort, soaring is taking advantage of the wind.
Just because you are saved does not guaranteed that you will enjoy the possibilities that this kingdom life provides, you need to understand the provisions that has been made available for you and how to operate in them, for the kingdom life is knowledge dependent.
There is a standard of knowledge you must attain unto, you then turn that knowledge to authority.

Title: Helped By God (Part 1-3) – Obtaining Mercy
– Apostle Joshua Selman

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