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[Download Mp3] I AM TOO USEFUL TO BE WASTED – Funke Felix Adejumo

Kenya and Sweden

1 Samuel 17:7 Forward
Sometimes, we need to be properly reminded of somethings, because of what we go through and because of what is happening around us.
DO not tend to leave your place of assignment when anointing comes
Anytime God want to measure the worth of a man, God measure such person’s service and impacts and your heart of service.
There are some errands that you will be send that are to places of your assignment, David thought he brought food into the camp, he didn’t know that he brought grace,
Sometimes, you think you just appear or just do your own things, but there is something about your presence. And whatever gives you that presence, dig it, because it is that presence that fights your battle.
Sometimes, what is yours is being used by the enemies to oppress you
There are two kinds of gatherings – gatherings for you and gatherings against you
Stop complaining that they are criticizing you, elevated people will always be envied by frustrated people.

– Funke Felix Adejumo
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Duration: 39:42

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