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[Download Mp3] Inducement For Improvement – Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Your belief in the finished work of God in Christ Jesus is how you do the impossible. It is time for you to know who you are in God and speak to situations to change because with God on your side, nothing shall be impossible to you.

Times are different, but fundamentals remain unchanged. Honesty is still honesty. Virtue is still virtue. Truth is still truth. An honest effort is still rewarded. Gravity still pulls all things to the earth. Disregard for the law still brings punishment. Two and two still make four. The Ten Commandments are still in force, as are all the other laws of life, nature, and the universe. men and nations cannot break the Ten Commandments; they can only break themselves upon them. So, WHAT ARE YOU MAKING OF YOURSELF?

Title: Inducement For Improvement
– Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Size: 14MB
Duration: 58:40

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