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[Download Mp3] Kingdom Leadership – Bishop Tudor Bismark

kingdom leader is someone who recognizes the supreme authority of Christ and is submitted to that authority.
Kingdom leaders orient their lives to help others know King Jesus and live in obedience to Him.
Kingdom Leader is wholly submitted to God, called and appointed by God, and equipped and empowered by God to fulfill the station of influence

The journey to be a great Kingdom Leaders is not much different than the journey the kings of the Bible had to go on.  As with everything the Bible teaches, the journey actually starts with us and our heart.  That’s why the first few characteristics are all about your heart.  If you truly want to be a kingdom leader and lead in a mission driven way, then you have to start there.  It’s the foundation of everything

Title: Kingdom Leadership
– Bishop Tudor Bismark
Size: 10MB
Duration: 28:44

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