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[Download Mp3] Know Your Friends – Pt.1-2 – Pastor Paul Enenche

Who is a friend?

  • A friend is a companion who is at home in your company.
  • A friend is one who go with you on important life journey (anyone not going your direction is not worthy to be your friend).
  • A friend is one who can be entrusted with confidential assignments of your life. They can run errand that no one else can run for you. That is why one of the most trusted friend you can ever have is your life partner.
  • A friend is one to whom you can speak closely, comfortably, harmoniously and intimately. A good example is God and Moses – vis versa.
  • A friend is one with whom you speak sincerely, openly and frankly with no deception.
  • A friend is someone who is as your own soul to you – you literally treat them like you treat yourself.
  • A friend is one who is quick to arise and quick to surround you in days of adversity.
  • A friend is one who corporate with you to frustrate the agenda of the enemy and his agents against your life.
  • A friend is one who make your burden theirs and your pains theirs and vice versa
  • A friend is one in whom you have confidence and in whom you can trust.
    You have confidence in his reliability and faithfulness.
  • A friend is one who loves you at all times…all the seasons of your life. Proverbs 17:17
    If God give you a friend to marry, thank him, because you are already flowing before you marry.
  • A friend is one who is friendly with you, not hostile with you
  • A friend is one who may hurt you to save you, when your enemy may hail you to ruin you.
  • A friend is one who is committed to given you hearty counsel – and the outcome of it is refreshing.Friendships are important in many ways.
  • Friendship isĀ  very important to life and destiny.
  • Your company affects the direction of your life.
  • Your friendship or company affects your mindset and thought process.
  • Your company affects your character
  • Your friendship or your company affects your choices
  • Your friends or company affects your anxious steps.
  • Your friendship or your company affects your outcome in life.
  • Your friendship or your company affect your eternal destiny.

Title: Know Your Friends
– Pastor Paul Enenche

Part 1 [23MB]
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Part 1 [23MB]
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