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[Download Mp3] LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASS – PART 1&2 – Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

Leadership is about people. If we can put a man together, then we can put his world together.

Here are few attributes that a Christian leader must possess
1. Recognizes the value in other people
2. Shares information with those in the organization
3. Uses their influence for the good of others
4. Is visionary: thinks for the organization beyond today
5. Is skillful and competent
6. Not afraid for others to succeed (above their own success)
7. Serves others expecting nothing in return
8. Continues to learn
9. Remains accessible, approachable and accountable to others
10. Living an exemplary life

– Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

PART 1 [9MB]
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PART 2 [9MB]
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