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[Download Mp3] LIFE IN THE SPIRIT Series – Pastor Mensa Otabil

The word spirit describe things that are not materials. The Christian life is a spiritual life, so we need to learn what it is to have a life of the spirit and how to flow in the spirit.

All of a man’s being came from God. Man was formed from the dust of the ground and from the breathe of God, the soul of a man is then a product from the breathe of God and the dust.
All humans have the spirit from God but not all humans has the spirit of God.
To live the life of the spirit, we must be fully aware of our spirit and it nature.
Because man understood his physical body and knows little about his spirit, he became more aware and conscious about his physical reality and less aware about his spiritual realities.
Download and learn more about the life in the spirit.

Pastor Mensa Otabil
Size: 8MB
Duration: 35:26

Part 1 – (We Are Spirit Beings)
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Part 2 – (Spirit and Soul)
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Part 2 – (A New Spirit)
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