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[Download Mp3] Maintaining a Spirit Filled Life – Pastor David Ogbueli

There are three major ministries in the church:

Upreach Ministering to God (Acts 13:1)
We are always busy ministering to ourselves, but God also needs ministry
This should be the first ministry of every person, because this is why God created us, for his glory and pleasure.
The deepest part in marriage is intercourse and so the deepest part in our relationship with God is worship. If you can strike this part real hard, you get golds. This upload (upreach) parts is where we have download, because when we worship, God begins to pour out revelations to us.

Inreach (Ministering to the people of God)
It is not enough for you to prepare what you think you have for the people, to study well and come and talk, you should know what is going on with them. A man of God should have a rhema word such that whenever it comes, it meet needs, clarify confusion and make God real.

Outreach (Ministering to the people out of the fold)
Man shall not live by bread alone but by the living word…
And the word that God download is life, the word of God is quick (alive) and powerful.
A man of God should not just be a man of letter. This is the work that Jesus has been doing but then he sent ministers to go and do the same thing. Ministers are the hope of the society. If God has called you, never you corrupt the ministry.

Title: Maintaining a Spirit Filled Life
– Pastor David Ogbueli
Size: 16MB
Duration: 1:09:03

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