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[Download Mp3] Overcoming The Spirit Of Discouragement – Archbishop Duncan Williams

Discouragement means having low spirits. In other words, what used to excite you no longer seems exciting. Your favorite pastime now seems like a chore. It could also mean having a feeling of despondency where hope is fast fading away.

Sometimes discouragement stems from a physical cause. We are simply tired and worn out from working too long and too hard without a break. Or perhaps a bodily illness inclines us toward depression and discouragement
Another cause of discouragement is that we can be too idealistic.
Disappointment with God is another cause of discouragement.
Also, the devil is our arch-enemy as Christians and he’s against anything and anyone that glorifies God. Therefore, don’t be surprised that he employs all tactics to derail us in our pursuit of God and God’s kingdom.

How To Overcome Discouragement
* A fresh encounter with God’s Word.
* Praying
* Listening to spirit-filled songs
* Talk to godly people
* Recall past victories and testimonies
* Encourage yourself in the Lord
* Trust the sovereign God to accomplish His will through you.

Title: Overcoming The Spirit Of Discouragement
– Archbishop Duncan Williams
Size: 13MB
Duration: 57:58

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