[Download Mp3] Predetermined Counsel – Archbishop Duncan Williams

Predetermined Counsel: When we say predetermined we mean being thought of in advance.
We all have plans. We have a schedule for a day, a “to Do” list for the week, a budget for a month, a bucket list for a year, and goals for a lifetime. All of these are forms of plans. We all make plans. The world will be in chaos without a plan. Imagine constructing a building without a plan. No Design. No floor plan. No electrical plan. No structural plan. No budget. No schedule. Just random people doing random things.
How much more God who is all-knowing and all-powerful? God can do a better job. God is a perfect planner. He has a plan for the universe. And He has a plan for us. What then is God’s plan?
God’s plan for us and the universe is predetermined, purposeful, and perfect.

Title: Predetermined Counsel
– Archbishop Duncan Williams
Size: 14MB
Duration: 1:01:18

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