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[Download Mp3] Principles for Wealth Creation – Dr. Olumide Emmanuel

Understanding the Power to get wealth

Most times, God does not really give us money directly when we ask, instead He gives us the power to get, make and produce wealth. So, it is a man’s responsibility to use the power to produce wealth for his own good by giving you knowledge and information required to produce wealth.
The fact remains that we don’t need as much as we think we need, we only need few things that are essential and necessary for living. God is not bringing wealth through you just for you to get material things, it is to bless others as well and  God may not give you what he can’t get through you
The perfect will of God is not to bless you, the perfect will of God is to make you a blessing.
In this kingdom, wealth is not acquired, wealth is given.
So when God sees that you remain unfaithful in little, then he keep you at the level you are.

Five dimension of Education to have to make wealth:
– Spiritual Education
– Personal Education
– Academic Education reading, writing, arithmetic, thinking analytically
– Professional Education
– Financial Education

Title: Principles for Wealth Creation
– Dr. Olumide Emmanuel
Size: 13MB
Duration: 55:04

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