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[Download Mp3] Redefining The Great Commission – Apostle Joshua Selman (Koinonia 2023)

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Sermon Excerpt
What Is The Great Commission?
The Great Commission is a mandate given by Jesus, to His disciples and by extension all believers, to reach the entire globe with the gospel of salvation, to bring nations to the knowledge of the truth through discipleship and to consequently bring territorial and societal transformation.

There are three components of the great commission according to Apostle Joshua Selman, they are fully explained in this ministration.

Three Components Of The Great Commission:
1. World Evangelization (Mark 16:15)
To preach means to declare, proclaim and announce. Our content being the gospel of salvation.
A believer must walk with The Lord of the harvest to deploy every scriptural strategy, effectively, to the end that all souls be saved.
World evangelization is every believer’s mandate.

2. Discipleship (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 2:42)
Discipleship means the mentorship of Believers to attain maturity and stature through doctrine.
It involves helping Believers understand the principles of God’s Kingdom through the teaching ministry.
The end result of discipleship is transformation and maturity.
Discipleship is a major reason for the physical convergence of believers.

3. Territorial or Societal transformation.
(John 10:10, Matthew 14:16-17)
Societal transformation means that the gospel, as designed by Jesus, is penetrated into society, thereby bringing an end to every form of decadence.
When your life and ministry begin to have an impact on society, you begin to attract the attention of great people from that society.
It is at this point that individuals become likened to nations.

Title: Redefining The Great Commission
–  Apostle Joshua Selman
Size: 45MB

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