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[Download Mp3] Restoring God’s Presence In Your Life – Benny Hinn

In the beginning man was made in the presence and was made to live in God’s presence, but because of the fall of man, he was removed from the presence of God.
The original intent of God was for man to live in His presence, not just to visit, or have an encounter, but to live permanently in it. In His presence there is peace, safety, guidance, joy, and love.

When a person is not right with God in their hearts, they don’t feel the presence. It will be hard for them to enter in the presence of God.
True repentance will lead you back to His presence.
Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any area in your life where you need to repent. Run back to the feet of Jesus and cry out for His presence.
There is no formula to being in His presence.  Each time you spend with God can be different. Don’t be set on spending time with God in a certain way. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to what He wants you to do.

Title: Restoring God’s Presence In Your Life
– Benny Hinn
Size: 9MB
Duration: 26:51

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