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[Download Mp3] SCENT OF WATER 2 – Apostle Femi Lazarus

The greatest testimonies of mercy will be between you and God.
People will look at you and describe that you are getting the results you are getting because you are fasting and praying. Church Gist. You will say “hmmm, only God understands” – that’s mercy. Mercy wipes out mess and makes a man look spotless.

All the battles you are facing, all the challenges you are facing, all the problems you are facing, every challenge, the accusations you experience in your mind, the kind of statements he is telling you, the kind of things the devil is saying to you – the idea of everything is to tell you “throw in the trowel, you are finished. You must understand that the power behind you is more than any force that can be against you.

– Apostle Femi Lazarus
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Duration: 1:39:52

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