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[Download Mp3] Secrets that Intensify the Power of God in Your Life – Pastor Benny Hinn

Power is an inherent characteristic of God.
God’s power, the sort of power that dwells within every born-again believer and energizes his/her life and ministry. It is the very energy of the life of God himself. It is the supernatural energy that emanates from God’s being. It is not the sort of “thing” that you can touch or contain in a bottle, but rather the vessel of container is a man who carries God.

It is that we have power, by faith, to govern and control all things, both temporal and spiritual; to work miracles and perfect lives; to stand in the presence
There are several aspects to power from God, they include:

  1. To preach God’s word.
  2. To rejoice in the Spirit.
  3. To give witness of salvation.
  4. To give witness of Jesus and attract people to God.
  5. To heal the sick.
    It is therefore important for a believer that wants to make impact in the world to continually intensify the power of God in his life. Download and learn the secrets.

Title: Secrets that Intensify the Power of God in Your Life (Part 1&2)
– Pastor Benny Hinn

Part 1 [8MB]
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Part 2 [10MB]
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