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[Download Mp3] SEEKING GOD’S COUNSEL – Apostle Arome Osayi

When a watchman is standing on his watch, he has position an advantage for there are many things you cannot see until you mount your watch. Be aware that the devil is going to try as much as possible to hinder you from mounting your watch.

Being a watchman is a call to pray more, and as you pray God begins to respond.
God response does not necessarily means that He will act, but he will begin to:
– Show you what is important
– make you to become strategic
– Empowers you to be bound in his labor
– Delivers you from the rat race
– Show you the call of destiny
– Streamline your emphasis, so that your life will not be culled around mundane things that strikes nothing in your journey of destiny.

When God calls you to watch, you need to respond to the call to watch. As a watchman, you have chances in the day but there is need to learn as a night watch because that’s the most important. If you can train yourself in the way of a night watch, it means you are fully furnished in the way of the watchman.

– Apostle Arome Osayi
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Duration: 1:15:45

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