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[Download Mp3] SINGLE’S SEMINAR Part 1-4 by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The right time to date or better still, court is when you become responsible.
When your parents are still responsible for everything you do, you are not responsible. So, why go on dating? You don’t just date, you date for a purpose.

Now, usually dating is something that should be done when you know the right direction to go. But, in the world, it is done as “I’m trying to find out”, “I’m trying to know if this is the right person for me”; that’s what it is generally in the world. “I’m trying to find out whether she’s nice, whether she’s good, whether she’s okay for me”, and if I think so then I go ahead and say “well, maybe this is the person I would like to marry”. But, in Christ things are the other way; we don’t try to find out by dating first. We know first and date/court after.
That’s the difference. So, it means that you have to have the kind of understanding, spiritual understanding and maturity to make the right decision, or even better, decisions are made for you.
This and many more are the issues that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome addressed in this message for singles. Download, Listen and be blessed!

– Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

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